Stars and Stripes

You wanna enjoy real authentic American food in Switzerland? Continue reading here…
In this blog, I would like to recommend you one of my favourite restaurants here in Switzerland. In Switzerland you will find a lot of restaurants which serves American and Mexican food, for example Stars and Stripes, Tres Amigos, Papa Joe’s, Steakhouse Argentina, Desperado, US MEX, El Mosquito etc.

My favourite one is the Stars and Stripes, American Bar and Restaurant, which serves delicious American food. You will find 6 Stars and Stripes restaurants in Switzerland, one in Mutschellen (Argovia), in Brütten (Zurich), in Glattpark (Zurich), in Chur (Grisons), in Rorschach (St.Gallen) and in St. Gallen city.
(PS.: Click on the localities for more information or to see how much the meals cost)

I personally go always to Glattpark. I was never before in other localities, so I can’t judge about the other Stars and Stripes localities how the food and the services there are. If you happen to be in the area of one of the localities, you should definitely give it a try.

Till now, I always was satisfied with the food and the services. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages as in all other restaurants. Sometimes it took a little bit long until I was served. The prices are not very cheap but also not very expensive. For those who eat in this restaurant every week, it could be a little bit expensive. I would advise to go once a month or even less. Because when you always eat in Stars and Stripes, it may be that you lose the taste and get bored with American-Mexican food.

The Stars and Stripes in Glattpark is located on the Wright-Strasse 9. There is also an underground car park with a lot of parking spaces, which actually belongs to the Migros. But you can use it too when you want to the restaurant. The restaurant can also easily be reached by public transport.

Stars and Stripes in Glattpark

What I like most about this restaurant is the interior design, which is decorated in American Style. See the pictures below (this is how it looks in Glattpark):

Of course I have to share with you some food pictures. The meals are delicious! Here are some meals which I tried in Stars and Stripes:

Starter Plate for 2 persons and up / Corncup, Chicken Wings, Onion Rings, Tortillachips, Pickles with Salsa and Cocktail sauce
Nachos with Tortillachips, kidney bean, Jalapeños and with grated cheese
Onion Rings with Salsa and Cocktail sauce
Burrito Chicken with sour cream and Guacamole
Fajitas Chicken with Guacamole, Salsa, sour cream, salad and barbecued Chicken stripes
Brownie with pecan nuts

I don’t know if everyone like American Food, but give it a try guys!




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