Zurich is not only a city for shopping or to go out to the bars and clubs, but also a city where you can admire the views and to do so many different things.


In this post I would like to recommend you the “Uetliberg”. The Uetliberg is an activity and an adventure mountain in the Swiss plateau. It is the most popular excursion destination around Zurich which is easily reachable and from where you have impressive views of Zurich city, Lake of Zurich and perhaps even the Swiss Alps. Why I say perhaps? Well, it depends on the weather. I was there in the wintertime and in the summertime. In the summertime you can admire everything but in the wintertime it is not possible to see over the Alps because of the fog.
The Uetliberg offers all kinds of hobby activities for tall and small, young and old, locals and tourists. Be it hiking, biking, paragliding or going for a walk, sledding or picnicking…everyone is welcome.

There is a famous pathway, called “Planetenweg” (Path of the Planets) to go for a leisurely walk which is also suitable for baby strollers.

More information about the Uetliberg:

On this top you will also find an observation tower, a TV-Tower and a famous mountain hotel-restaurant, the “Uto Kulm”.

The Uetliberg observation tower is 72 meter high and lies about 870 meters above sea level. It belongs to the one of the highest public observation towers in Switzerland, built in 1990.
And now an important announcement to everyone who wants to climb this observation tower: To reach the last steps of this tower, you have to pay CHF 2.00/per person. So be sure that you take some change with you (just a small tip from me).

The observation tower

The Uetliberg TV-Tower is 186 meter high and built in 1990. The tower is used for radio and TV transmission. It is owned by Swisscom and generally not accessible by the public. But if you would like to visit the TV-Tower, guides are possible by reservation. So you have to preregister.

The TV-Tower; left in the summertime, right in the wintertime

The Uto Kulm restaurant is superbly situated on top of the Uetliberg with breathtaking views. It is located in a car-free recreation area. There are some parking facilities in and around Zurich, but you can only get to the hotel via SZU (read below what SZU is) or by foot.

the hotel-restaurant “Uto Kulm”

Further information about Uto Kulm is available at:

How to reach the Uetliberg? Below I will give you some route directions to reach the destination easily:

directions sketch (1)


another directions sketch (2)


B Y    T R A I N
From Zurich main station (Zurich HB), take the „Sihltal Zurich-Uetliberg Bahn” (S10), called SZU on track 21/22 (underground station).
Then get off at the final station “Uetliberg”.
After that there are around 10 minutes walking distance to the mountain hotel- restaurant Uto Kulm.
The SZU runs weekdays every 30 minutes and takes just 20 minutes to get to the Uetliberg. On weekends it runs every 20 minutes.

the SZU train

Find more information about the timetable for the train on:
https://online.fahrplan.zvv.ch/bin/query.exe/en (ZVV Online-timetable)
https://www.sbb.ch/en/timetable.html (SBB Online-timetable)

B Y    C A R
You can travel by car to the Feldermoos parking in Uitikon-Waldegg. The parking is free, so you don’t have to pay the parking charge. How cool is that?

Adress for your navigation system: Birmensdorferstrasse 12, 8142 Uitikon.

  1. A4/A3 highway from Basel, Bern, St.Gallen and for those people who are coming from Zurich-Kloten airport:
    Take exit Nr. 28 “Urdorf-Süd, Uitikon”, then drive about 4.9 km towards Zurich to the Feldermoos parking.
    UnbenanntA4/A3 highway from Zug, Lucerne and Chur:
    Take exit Nr. 29 “Uitikon”, then go about 3.8 km towards Zurich to the Feldermoos parking.

    The space which I encircled with red is the parking area, and I suggest you to use the inner roadside which I also marked with a red dart. It’s easier for you to turn left into the parking area.

  2. And from the Feldermoos parking you have to cross a footbridge and go to the other side of the road; walk by foot about 7 minutes the forest road through the forest; follow the steps until you reach the railway track and then go RIGHT about 300 meters to the Uitikon-Waldegg train station. Finally take the SZU train towards “Uetliberg”.
    parking area and the footbridge to go to the other side of the road

    above: train station “Uitikon-Waldegg”  /  below: train station “Uetliberg”
  3. Get off at the final station “Uetliberg”. Walk around 10 minutes to Uto Kulm and Ta-da! Achieved the destination!

B Y   H I K I N G
If you would like to hiking, there are of course some hiking path, for example:

Albisgüetli: about 45 minutes
Uitikon-Waldegg: about 45 minutes
Felsenegg: about 75 minutes

Take more information about the hiking path on:

I like to go to the Uetliberg on a sunny day because it is really relaxing to escape the traffic of the city, the heat and of course the everyday stress.




I hope I could get everyone in the mood to visit this place.


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