“Le Kuklos”, Leysin

Hello Dudes!

Did you see the cover picture above, with a building between the mountains? It’s awesome, right?It’s a revolving panoramic restaurant, called “Le Kuklos”, which is located in Leysin, 2’048 metres above sea level. Leysin is a municipality of the canton of Vaud, the French-speaking Switzerland. In Greek, “Kuklos” means “revolving”.



The restaurant revolves 360° within 1 hour and 30 minutes. During this time, the Kuklos offers you stunning views of the mountains Mont-Blanc, Matterhorn, Eiger and countless other peaks, as well as of Lake Geneva.
I was there on a winter day, in January. So I couldn’t see the landscape very clearly because of the snow and fog. In this case I have to go again to this restaurant on a beautiful sunny day. I’m sure in summertime you can see the landscape and the beautiful mountains more clearly. However, I could take some beautiful pitcutres, during the restaurant revolves:


I enjoyed the 90 minutes in this revolving restaurant by watching the beautiful mountains out there. Additionally, I ordered roesti (Rösti) for lunch, which was tasty.
You can get there culinary specialities, like cheese dishes, roesti, and regional specialities.

This place is not only ideal to take rest and watch the wonderful mountains, but also a popular place for skiing and hiking. There are also a zoo and a playground for children.

This modern restaurant can be reached by cable car and is perfectly integrated into the natural environment. When I was there, I travelled by train and cable car. Wherever you are, you have to take the train to the station “Aigle”. Aigle is a municipality in the canton of Vaud.

Regio 312

And from there you have to change the train to a regional train (Regio 312) which took you up to the mountain village called Leysin. The Regio 312 is really cool, this train is different than the other trains here in Switzerland. I enjoyed the train journey by this regional train. During the ride by the Regio 312 I also enjoyed the beautiful landscape of Leysin:

After that you have taken the Regio 312 in Aigle, you have to get off at the train station “Leysin-Feydey”.

“Leysin-Feydey” train station

From this railway station (Leysin-Feydey) you have to follow the signboard with the word “Berneuse”. (For those who have never heard of “Berneuse” before, like me: It’s a mountain top situated above the village of Leysin. This mountain top is especially famous for its revolving restaurant “Le Kuklos”)

Leysin TLSA and the Berneuse-Express cable car

There is a bus station. I took the bus which was going to “Leysin TLSA”. But you can reach this place also by foot within 10 minutes. Then you can buy in Leysin TLSA your tickets for the cable car on the counter. And voila! The Berneuse-Express cable car will take you up to the mountain top of Berneuse. The first thing that you will see upon arrival the cable car station will be the revolving restaurant “Le Kuklos”.
My arrival explanations might sound quite complicated for you but it is quite simple really!



Please take note that in case of bad weather the restaurant is closed!

Take more information about the opening hours, arrival etc. at:



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