My lovelies!

This time my journey takes me to Montreux, the French-speaking Switzerland. Montreux is a municipality in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. Montreux is very famous for its location on Lake Geneva, for the nearby Chillon castle (Château de Chillon) and of course for its annual Jazz Festival, which takes place in June/July.



I was there in January (wintertime). I booked the “Tralala Hotel” which is located in a historic 17th century house in the centre of Montreux. I liked the structure of this hotel. It has been completely renovated in the spirit of the “Montreux Jazz Festival” with lovely cozy rooms and suites. Each room and suite is unique and dedicated to an artist who made the reputation of Montreux. I like this idea!
The staff are friendly and very helpful. I was happy with my room. It was not too large, but rather small. But I felt very good there.

For more information about the hotel click here:

After I arrived by train and checked in into the hotel, I went for a walk, along the waterfront. I walked by the Lake Geneva (Lac Léman). You can admire here the exotic flowers and palm trees while also enjoying the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The types of the exotic trees and flowers give a special atmosphere. The long, flower-bordered lakeside promenade extends for 10km along the riverside of Lake Geneva, from Vevey to the “Château de Chillon” in Veytaux. Between Vevey and Veytaux is Montreux. The promenade also leads to the statue of Freddie Mercury in the centre of Montreux.




Now let’s talk about the sights and other interesting places. Do you guys know Freddie Mercury? No? Okay listen to this song below:

Queen – We are the Champions: (watch it from 0:34, this is the refrain)

Are you from a younger generation? Okay then forget the link above and listen to this following song. For sure you know this one! I, for example, am a person who was born in the 90’s, and I knew this video clip by Crazy Frog very well!:

Crazy Frog – We are the Champions:

You know the song(s), right? Guess who write this song! Yes, this world-famous song is written by lead singer Freddie Mercury. He was the lead vocalist and the songwriter of the rock band “Queen”. Maybe some of you don’t know who this rock band is, but you surely have listen to this song:

Queen – We Will Rock you: 

Well…Freddie was once here in Switzerland, more precisely in Montreux, at the “Montreux Jazz Festival”. He fell in love with Montreux and the beautiful Lake Geneva, and decided to settle here. To remember his time in Montreux, a bronze statue of Freddie Mercury was placed by the waterfront.  So I decided to take a look at this Statue of Freddie Mercury.

2017-02-11_18-34-34  2017-02-11_18-26-33

After I sightsee the statue, I went to the beautiful “Château de Chillon”. I took the bus line number 201 from the bus station “Montreux, Marché” to the bus station “Veytaux, château de Chillon”. The next bus stop near the statue of Freddie Mercury was the “Montreux, Marché”, so that’s because I took the bus at this bus station. The bus ride will take just about six minutes to “Veytaux, château de Chillon”!

The Chillon Castel is an island castle located in Veytaux, on Lake Geneva. Veytaux is also a municipality in the canton of Vaud.




The castle was built on an oval-shaped rock. This water castle is also the most visited historic building in Switzerland. I took only pictures of the outside of the Chillon castle. Unfortunately, I didn’t visit the inside of this castle. When I go next time to Veytaux, I will definitely visit the whole castle!

The next tourist attraction took me to Vevey (also a municipality in the canton of Vaud). Normally you will find a fork or knife in a cutlery tray in the kitchen. But do you guys ever have seen a big fork in a lake? No? Haha, but I do!

Look at this beautiful pictures:


La Fourchette


This masterpiece (La Fourchette) is 8 meter high and 1.3 meter wide. It has also held the record in the Guinness World Records since 2014 as the world’s tallest fork.


I would definitely visit these places a seconde time. I’m not finish yet with seeing the sights of Montreux, Vevey and Veytaux. There are so many things to look at.