JP Cake Design

Hi everyone!

Two years ago “JP Cake Design” designed for me my personalized birthday cake, for my 21st birthday. It was the best cake I have ever got to cut in my life. Just customized! Every single details on this cake was awesome! They made it according to my wishes!

A very close friend of me, or more precisely: my soulmate, and her mum do together this cake business since a long time. They do it really well. The cakes are not just cakes, but rather artworks!

Every time when they upload a new picture of their handmade cake on Facebook or Instagram, I wonder “How on earth do they that?!” Well…that’s called talent.

JP Cake Design specializes in custom-made wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes, First Holy Communion cakes and much more to glam your special events.

Here are some examples from JP Cake Design:


Give a try and order your next event cake, be it for wedding or birthday, from JP Cake Design!

Contact them for a specially designed cake for your big day!
They bake your dream cake with love!


Facebook: Jancy Prasath
Instagram: jpcakedesign
Phone number: +41 79 176 28 20


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