Last year I did a two-day-journey to Bellinzona. Bellinzona is one of the 130 municipalities in the canton of Ticino. But why I picked Bellinzona, of all places? Cause of the medieval buildings.I’m very interested in medieval castles and historic old towns. Bellinzona is just the ticket! There are surely a lot of other places out there, be it in Switzerland or abroad. But I start out small.



I was a little bit late with booking a hotel. So in the last minute I booked a cheap hotel next to the railway station. I didn’t waste a lot of time in searching a good hotel. I thought: “Ah shucks! It is for one night anyway”. Do you know which hotel it was? The Hotel “Osteria Leon d’Or”! The location of this hotel is really perfect! From the hotel you can reach everything in few minutes. The staff was friendly but I had difficulties with the staff. Because the person at the reception didn’t speak German or English…only Italian. None of the staff could speak English. I had to communicate with hands and feet. Whew!

The hotel room was pure hell! For the bathroom I have no words! Too bad that I didn’t take a picture of this bathroom. Otherwise I can show you what it looked like. It stunk badly inside. It smelt like outflow. Ugh! I felt off-colour in this bathroom. Okay wait, first I have to correct the description of this room! It wasn’t even a bathroom. It looked exact like a “Toi Toi” cabin toilet, if you know what I mean. Thank God, the bed was at least acceptable. But the bed also had its shady side! Namely, I felt the springs in the mattress so it was not a very comfortable bed. I think I couldn’t have hold out  one more night there.

The lesson is clear: I definitely not recommend this hotel to anyone of you guys!!

However, I visited an interesting place. See below…

The town of Bellinzona in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland is surrounded by three castles. The names are Castelgrande, Montebello and Sasso Corbaro. The castles of Bellinzona are impressive reminders of the Middle Ages.The three castles and the city walls were built in medieval times. The reason why they built a wall and the castles was to block access to the Ticino to northern populations. (clever people, haha!)

I only visited the Castelgrande. The castle can be reached by taking an elevator from the foot of the rock to the castle grounds or climbing steep.
I reached it by taking an elevator. (hehe!)



From the Castelgrande, you can catch a beautiful view over the Old Town  and the surrounding area.


From here I had a view of the Castle Montebello. Do you guys see it?



Here you can see a panorama picture and the “white tower” of Castelgrande




The railway station of Bellinzona – I don’t know why, but I like this building of the train station


Of course, I went to Italian restaurants in Bellinzona. It’s a must go, when you travel in Ticino. The Italian restaurants are just delicious!
Near the hotel “Osteria Leon d’Or” you will find the “Hotel & Spa Internazionale”. I don’t know how the hotel rooms in this hotel are, but I’m pretty sure, this hotel is thousand times better than the “Osteria Leon d’Or”! I searched online about this hotel and found a website of this hotel. You can read all the details in English, French, German and Italian. There are also staffs who could speak English and German. A plus point!
Next time, I will definitely book this hotel!

For more information about this hotel click here:

Back on topic: In this “Hotel & Spa Internazionale”, there is a restaurant. I went to this restaurant, and the foods were yummy! They also offered me a homemade lemon juice, which was refreshing and really good!



For dessert I went to the Hotel-Restaurant “Albergo Croce Federale”. This restaurant is just few minutes away on foot. The tiramisu was so tasty! 

Here are some pictures of the old town…


I stroll through the narrow alleys of the old town. Fantastic!



“Piazza Collegiata”


The Federal Criminal Court of Switzerland, based in Bellinzona



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