Hi, folks !

Back then, when I went to the Middle School I always wanted to learn more about the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

All of my school friends went to Ticino for the umpteenth time…and what was about me? I had never been there before. It was really annoying. The problem I have was that my parents will not allow me to travel around. They always argue with the same reason: “Girls must not go outside too much!” (especially when it starts getting dark outside) “It’s dangerous!” “Anything can happen!” “When you always go outside and travel with your friends, what would our relatives and the other Tamil people think about you?! Who would marry you later? Everyone will tattle about us that we bring you up badly!“ Not only my parents argues like this but also other Tamil people do that! There are a lot of other Tamil girls out there who would understand my situation in which I find myself right now.
On the one hand I feel inside that I’m actually a person who would like to travel around the world and to check out some new and interesting destinations. On the other hand I feel inside like locked up in a jail. I have a lot of wishes in me which I cannot realize…
However! I’m an optimist. Think positive! One day I will realize all my wishes…

And so I have decided to break some rules and do what I enjoy. (It wasn’t that easy to break some rules of the other culture I have…)

Two years ago I went to Ticino for the first time. Ticino is one of the 26 cantons in Switzerland. In my view is Ticino the most beautiful canton of all. Cause it differentiates from other cantons. There are palms in Ticino guys!! You don’t need to travel far to sleep in a gently swaying hammock under palm trees or to spend your holidays in the sun. In Ticino you will find a lot of destinations and beautiful natural landscapes. Just search online!

My very first destination was in a small municipality “Ronco sopra Ascona“. It’s near Locarno in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. This  village is such a beautiful place! Especially in summer time!



I was there in August for three days. I booked  the small and exclusive 4-star boutique hotel “La Rocca” (yes it was a little bit expensive) which is located in the most charming place on Lake Maggiore (Lago Maggiore).
For more information about the hotel click here: http://www.la-rocca.ch/en

I travelled by train. When you travel by train, leave the train at “Locarno, Stazione. And then take bus Nr. 316 (direction Brissago, Co’ di Campo) and get off at Porto Ronco, Posta station. From there you have to walk about 10 minutes a road which goes relatively steep upwards. (Some exercise would not be bad!) Of course by car it’s a lot easier than by traveling with public transport. But by train and bus you can be relax and  you can look out of the window during the trip.

Below I create some collages from pictures which I took…

The way which goes steep upwards and the entrance area of the hotel


The beautiful water well in the entrance area


View from my hotel room


“La Rocca” has his own restaurant. The restaurant was just amazing! I had a breathtaking panoramic view in this restaurant (as the name suggests: “Ristorante Panoramico”). They also have an outdoor restaurant “La Locanda”. You can enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner in a charming Mediterranean atmosphere. Furthermore you can enjoy magnificent views of the Brissago Islands and over to Italy.


I had delicious food!!
appetizer: a little speciality from the hotel,
appetizer: pumpkin soup with shrimp, cream and basil (the best pumpkin soup I’ve ever had !!)
main menu: ravioli ricotta 


On another day I went to a restaurant (San Marino) near the hotel “La Rocca”. I had to walk down to the bus station. Nearby is the hotel-restaurant “San Marino”. The meal was also delicious and of course: I had again a nice view of the Brissago Islands from there.

I did a small excursion by cable car in Orselina. With the modern cable car I reached Cardada (1’340 m.a.s.l.) in just a few minutes. From the Cardada-point you can see the pilgrimage church Madonna del Sasso. And from there the chair lift takes me up to Cimetta (1’670 m.a.s.l.).

This oasis of peace and nature offers a spectacular 360 degree panorama view on Lake Maggiore!
For more information about Cardada-Cimetta click here: http://www.cardada.ch/en