Howdy y’all

Welcome to my blog everyone. First of all thank you guys for taking time and showing interest for my blog. I had been thinking for a long time about blogging. I’m a person who recommend things, which are really good and really recommendable, to my friends. Whether foods or places to travel. And then I decided to blog mostly about the beautiful
country, Switzerland, which give me the chance to live a wonderful life. You don’t need to travel always far to see a beautiful landscape. Here we have so many beautiful places to visit and to enjoy!

So in this way I will try to show you some interesting places on my blog.

I created the blog with the name “a Seconda’s life”.  I’m sure you are asking yourselves what Seconda means. Secondo (m.) or Seconda (f.) is a son/daughter of an immigrant family in Switzerland, in the second generation. The name was developed in Switzerland. I think this word exist only in Switzerland (but I’m not sure). 🤔

About me
I was born and brought up in Switzerland, a very beautiful country. I have been living there since I was born. My parents have fled to Switzerland because of the civil war in Sri Lanka.

I’m a child of the diaspora. Diaspora is a group of people who don’t live in their country of origin, but maintain their heritage in a new land. In the 80’s escaped many Tamils to peaceful Switzerland, because of the ethnic conflicts between Tamils and Singhalese in Sri Lanka. They left their beloved homeland, crossed the sea and settled down mostly in Europe and North America.

“Secondaslife” has also a Facebook Account, click on the “like”-button on Facebook to stay up to date =)

Have fun on my blog =)

PS.: English grammar is not exactly my strength, so don’t laugh at me when I make grammer mistakes. ;D.


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